Vls/3-3 Relays Module

Triple-relay unit for auxiliary devices (lights, door opening, acoustic alarms etc.).

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Producent: CAME BPT
Artikelnr: 116566
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 Plastic housing for installation in electrical control panels (EN50022). Dimensions 4 low-profile DIN modules. Protection rating IP30. The three relays, with a switching contact, are associated by default to the door opening and AUX2 commands from the receivers. Switching power 5A resistive (2A inductive) at a maximum voltage of 250V AC. Complete with 2 active grounded inputs for connection of pushbuttons for local actioning of two of the three relays and a button for programming the method of activation of the receivers with LED to signal data reception from the BUS line. 11/18V DC 200 mA power supply.


  • Compatible with XIP system

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