Beam Detector SL-650QN

200m Quad beam active infrared (AIR) sensor for perimeter security

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Producent: Optex
E-Nummer: 6309423
Artikelnr: 114859
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200m Quad beam active infrared (AIR) sensor for perimeter security.

The SL-QN series can be stacked in towers, see the selection and system design guide for all OPTEX active infra-red beams and beam towers.

Use POE encoder PIE-1 to connect your infrared beam sensors to AXIS ACAP cameras and to all leading VMS platforms, enhancing the performance of the security system.

Main features:
  • High power Quad beams with high grade aspherical lenses
  • 200m detection range
  • Easy-to-see vivid interior colour for optical alignment
  • Sniper Viewfinder, a telescope lens magnifying twice to help the optical alignment
  • IP65 water protection rating
  • Anti-frost hood design
  • Can be stacked in beam towers

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