Anti-Condition Heater ( Fireray 5000)

Fireray Heater Bracket for Fireray 5000 The Fireray 5000 Anti-Condensation Heater has been designed to be used in environmental conditions where condensation affects the operation of optical beam smoke detectors. Condensation occurs when the surrounding air is at a higher temperature than the surface that it comes in contact with. As air contains water, in the form of vapour, this will deposit on the cooler surface thus forming condensation. The design of the Anti-Condensation Heater utilises forced air, which results in a circulating current of warm air maintaining the detector lens at an incrementally higher temperature than the surrounding air. The heater will reduce the likelihood of condensation forming on the lens which, in turn, reduces the potential for false alarms. Key Features: Bespoke bracket to ensure optimum performance of heater Designed to prevent the build-up of condensation For use in temperature-controlled storage areas and cold environments

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Produktnamn Anti-Condition Heater ( Fireray 5000)
Tillverkare Fire Fighting Enterprises