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Cable VCM/4D/150

Installation cable with three 0.28 mm² twisted pairs and 2 wires (section 1.5 mm²).

Tillverkare: CAME BPT
Produktnummer: 116639
Lagertyp: Lagervara
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 Cable with three 0.28 mm² twisted pairs and 2 wires (section 1.5 mm²).PVC insulating sheath, diameter 11 mm, colour: RAL 1021 yellow. Twisted pair, 70 mm twist pitch. Tinned copper wires. Colour: blue/blue-white, brown/brown-white, orange/orange-white for twisted pairs - red and green for power supply wires. Nominal impedance of twisted pairs 100 ohm (f=1 MHz), capacitance 50 pF (at 20°C). Minimum cable curvature 150 mm. Fully compliant with CEI 46-6 (latest amendment)/CEI 20-11 (latest amendment)/CEI 20-37. Supplied in 150m coils.

* Vi reserverar oss för eventuella felaktigheter. Produktens funktioner och specifikation kan komma att ändras utan föregående meddelande.

Produktnamn Cable VCM/4D/150
Tillverkare CAME BPT
Installationsmiljö Inomhus
Bredd (mm) 400
Höjd (mm) 400
Djup (mm) 330