Stand Alone Proximity keyfob 10 pack - Green

Keyfobs for the Compact and Switch2 systems

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Producent: Paxton
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 Proximity keyfobs are for use with Compact and Switch2 systems. The keyfobs are supplied in wallets. An intuitive ‘shadow card’ system is used for ease of management.

When installing the system the first card pack is added by presenting the Enrolment card from that pack. Subsequent packs are added by presenting the original Enrolment card followed by the Enrolment card from the new pack.

Keyfobs are supplied in wallets. Each fob is packaged with a corresponding shadow card. Once a pack is enrolled, all user fobs are valid and ready to be issued. To issue a user fob, remove it from the wallet and write the name of the user on its corresponding shadow card. The user may now use their fob to gain access. Repeat this process for all users. If a fob needs to be voided, remove the corresponding shadow card from the wallet and present it to relevant readers on the site. This invalidates the user fob.

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