Eti/Xip-Lan Network Interface

XIP gateway for Ethernet.

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Producent: CAME / BPT
Artikelnr: 116781
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 The ethernet gateway makes it possible to use the data network for the creation of an access control system. Plastic housing, for installation in electrical control panels (EN50022). Dimensions: 8 low-profile DIN modules. Protection rating IP30. The circuit board includes a quick connector for VA/08 power supply modules, two RJ45 ports in "switch" configuration for Ethernet 10/100 and terminals for direct connection to an entry panel. Also features three configurable inputs and a serial port for maintenance and diagnostics. Three LEDs for signalling of communication and system status. The gateway supports the XIP and SIP protocols. It utilises H.264 video compression and ULAV audio compression and can handle up to two audio/video calls simultaneously. Also includes BDDE and access control functions. 18V DC 250 mA power supply.

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