Eti/Miniser Xip Lan Network Server

XIP server system

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Producent: CAME / BPT
Artikelnr: 116797
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 XIP system server. The ETI/miniSER server manages calls and transfers to analogue receivers and can centralise access control functions. Includes 6 UNIVERSAL licences that can be configured as LIC/APP or LIC/GST (also in mixed mode) to allow interfacing with the system and management of communications of mobile devices equipped with the XIP/Mobile app, or of third-party devices. The server is equipped with two 10/100 Mbits Ethernet interfaces with an RJ45 connector that can be configured in "switch" or "dual-network" mode and a USB port to export event logs. Required power supply (12 - 24V DC, 300 mA max).

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