Dvc/01 Me-Entry Panel

Colour video entry panel; thermoplastic body finished in Greyhound Grey and décor panel in Aluminium.

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Producent: CAME BPT
Artikelnr: 116736
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 Audio entry panel, thermoplastic body finished in Greyhound Grey and décor panel in Aluminium.. Circuit board for X1 system, microphone and loudspeaker.  NTSC/PAL video camera, resolution 680x512 pixel with built-in microprocessor for digital signal processing, horizontal angle of aperture 100° with digitally-controlled zoom. Caller illumination using 4 high-efficiency LEDs.  Adjustment of microphone/loudspeaker volume and door lock release time. Simple connection using pre-wired flat cables (supplied as standard) and mini USB connector for programming with software tool. DIP-switches for adjustment of the. Dip-switch line impedance. Local command for door lock, door status signalling devices, output connector for activation of external cameras. Blue LEDs (8) for backlighting of keys with name label. LEDs for visual control of the status of the system: red "call connected" LED, green "door open" LED, yellow "call in progress" LED, blue "system busy" LED.


  • Compatible with X1 system

  • Protection rating IP54

  • Décor panel not included

  • Inputs for door lock release buttons

  • Recessed or wall-mounted installation

  • Brushed chrome metal finish

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