AI Bridge ABP301

AI based analytics bridge

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AI based analytics bridge

The VCA AI Bridge is a small hardware platform that comes loaded with VCA software, providing industry-leading deep learning video analytics for event notification. 
Ideal for sites of up to 8 cameras. The AI Bridge provides cost effective implementation of AI based analytics to any IP camera.
Just add preferred licenses per channel, VCAproAiServer and VCAbehaviorServer.

- Hardware solution to allow quick deployment of video analytic
- Stream video directly from any IP camera or VMS via RTSP
- Open and standard interfaces for rapid integration
- Optional VCA forensic search service
- State-of-art Machine Learning and AI algorithms for tracking people, vehicle types and bags
- Full analytics metadata stream provided to facilitate forensic search or other value-add applications 
- Customisable out-of-the-box HTML5 user interface for analytics configuration
- Configure rules and review events using your web browser on any device (via Chrome on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android)


VCAserver is the next-generation, industry-leading video analytics software that provides deep learning real-time tracking of multiple objects and rules-based events. 
The browser-based user interface allows cross-platform compatibility and a feature-rich configuration experience, with the addition of integrations with some of the 
most popular VMS platforms in the industry. VCAserver is a future-proof addition to any security solution.


Flexible, Powerful, Effective
VCAserver delivers highly optimised tracking algorithms resulting in sensible deployment requirements with outstanding channel capacity. The state-of-the-art deep learning 
classification and tracking engines have been developed for reduced false alarms and accurate business intelligence metadata. The easy-to-use and flexible logical rules engine, 
allows the coupling together of rules to create advanced behaviour detection. This allows us to make use of the same set of trackers to deliver on different requirements across 
the business, often within the same camera field of view, meaning the same analytics channel can be processed once and reused for security alarms, health and safety use cases as well as business intelligence reporting applications.


VCAproAiServer 1ch license:

Tripwires, zones and tamper.
Complete rule set including logical
rules and deep learning trackers

VCAbehaviorServer 1ch license:

Aggressive Behaviour, Fall
Detecton, Hand Object Interacton
Tracker and DL Skeleton Tracker

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