Perla Hands-Free Video Receiver, White

Colour video receiver with hands-free audio,

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Producent: CAME BPT
Artikelnr: 116783
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 Hands free audio and video receiver. Perla offers an ample 3.5" LCD colour screen for an image of superlative quality and extremely low power consumption (200 mA max). The Made in Italy design with soft, elegant lines and the ergonomic layout of the controls give it a very pleasant appearance and make it easy to use. Available in Ice white and Fusion black, Perla can adapt to any setting in the home. Compatible with 2 wires X1 system and digital IP XIP system.



  • 3.5" LCD colour monitor

  • Reduced thickness

  • Hands-free function

  • Light signaling of active functions

  • Wall-mount installation

  • Central blue backlighting circular ring/p>

  • Ring volume control

  • Speaker and microphone volume adjustment

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