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KS PCBA control panel - lares 4.0 - 40 wls

Kontrollpanel till Lares 4.0 - 40 wls

Tillverkare: Ksenia
E-Nummer: 6310231
Produktnummer: 119830
Lagertyp: Lagervara
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lares 4.0 control panels represent the most advanced and reliable Solution in the Digital Revolution (IoT), in terms of Physical Security (Intrusion, Video Verification, Access Control) and Home & Building Automation (lighting control, heating/air conditioning, irrigation, roller shutters, automation and load control, access control, etc.).

All the models of lares 4.0 are hybrid (wired and wireless) and have a number of outputs equal to the number of inputs for managing any type of automation. All of them can be managed by a single user APP (lares 4.0) and programmed through the Ksenia Pro installer APP installed on any mobile device, by the installer. The Installer APP (Ksenia Pro) allows you to centralize and geolocalize all the installed panels and therefore to offer maximum assistance to the end customer by receiving push notifications also for technological alerts. In fact, by implementing a web server inside the motherboard, you do not need any program to be installed on the PC: it is possible to program the control panel, perform all the management operations available in the system through the integrated installer WEB-SERVER, connecting to the Ksenia SecureWeb cloud for the remote management and programming via mobile APP.

Regardless of the control panels size, the motherboard is native with Ethernet interface, 8 input terminals and 2 terminals that can be configured as inputs or outputs. The control panel is available in 2 different versions: for smaller sizes the control panel has only one BUS (compatible, except for some exceptions, with all existing BUS devices that can be updated by the control panels) while for all the others it already integrates the double BUS and the 868MHz bi-directional wireless transceiver (compatible with all existing Ksenia wireless devices).

Particular attention is always put to the ease of installation and for this reason all the connection terminals are removable. On all versions and regardless of the control unit size, the cards have an SD card slot to expand the available memory, in addition to receiving directly on board (without communication BUS to maximize the transit speed of information and data ) both the 3G module (or 4G-LTE/IP via the twin IoT communicator) and, where necessary, the PSTN module. In any case, the sending of voice messages, emails, sms, push notifications, Contact ID and SIA DC-09 level III protocol to the Surveillance Centers is guaranteed. The control panel board can be installed inside existing metal containers of varying sizes. In addition to the control unit motherboard with its add-on modules, it allows you to allocate up to 7 expansion modules, the 18Ah back-up battery and a 50W switching power supply.

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Produktnamn KS PCBA control panel - lares 4.0 - 40 wls
Tillverkare Ksenia
E-nummer 6310231
Spänning 15 Vcc
Antal Sektioner 8
Trådlösa sektioner 40
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