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Cloud-managed 360

Ava Cloud 360 12MP contains both onboard storage with 60 days of retention and built-in powerful video and audio analytics. Say goodbye to centralized storage and analytics servers that need to be separately purchased, configured, and maintained. With our cloud solution, your cameras will always be updated and secure.


One-click configuration

It’s never been easier to add and configure security cameras to a deployment. Our plug and play configuration removes the need for user names and passwords, pre-configuration set-up, and default settings. You can also scan the unique QR codes on our cloud security cameras to quickly and easily add them to Ava Aware Cloud. Get instant camera firmware and software upgrades from the cloud in a few clicks.

* Vi reserverar oss för eventuella felaktigheter. Produktens funktioner och specifikation kan komma att ändras utan föregående meddelande.

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